The Murder House Roleplay

The Murder House Roleplay takes place right where the show left off. The Harmon's have just died and are still coming to terms with their situation. Tate and Violet are struggling with their strained relationship. This roleplay is currently in it's second generation, meaning this is our second new family to move in. Don't fret though, It's EASY to catch up. We have a list of everything we've done so far all ready for you. Now after the Landing family has left, Billie Dean Howard, her younger brother Wren, and her two daughters have moved in. Billie wants to rid the house of spirits, especially Tate, but Wren's goal is to help them. Romance, heartbreak, death, and excitment await you. Just head right through the Murder House's front door.

It’s time to board up the Murder House…

Opened back in January, this roleplay has exceeded my expectations. All our characters were brilliant and portrayed beautifully. You all made this the best roleplay I have ever had the honor of being in and running. I’m so pleased it lasted this long and that you all have been part of my family, some for five months, some for a few weeks.

The reason we have to part is because I can feel the embers finally burning up. Yes, we have a lot of characters, but we all don’t participate as best we can. When we do, it’s perfection, but still. Personally, I’ve lost my light. I can’t continue to do the best I can, and with two characters I can’t give it my all. Mutual agreements have been made, like Tate and Violet both leaving, along with Wren, Chad, Evangeline, and A. This will most likely continue with Tara. So, we have to say goodbye to this roleplay. I can’t continue on.

This isn’t goodbye though. If you still want to roleplay for AHS, then feel free to take your character with you. Steal a bio, whatever you want. There are many AHS roleplays, but personally I have picked out this one. I won’t be joining it, but maybe in the future.

Now for the big news. Before you leave, it’s very important that I get a link to your main tumblr. I have a huge project coming early this summer. A new roleplay. It’s already planned and plotted. I’m collaborating with some famous mods, and it’s going to be huge. It’s an all original character roleplay, but it’s inspired by supernatural shows and books. (AHS, Supernatural, TVD, TSC, The Mortal Instuments, many many more.) I’m not going to give spoilers yet, but it’s going to be good. I hope everyone can be a part of it, and even part of creating it.

Also, I’m currently working on a web series called City of The Damned. It’s actually based on everything that has happened in this roleplay, though things will be slightly changed including names. So far we have the first episode in the works which includes Morgan Landing, Taylor Landing, Aaron Landing, Benjamin Tate (Tate Langdon), and Grace Harding (Violet Harmon). You’ll all probably see your characters involved, just slightly changed. I need your main tumblr names because I’ll need to credit you. You’ll all get producer credit, and you could even lend a hand with ideas!

This is not the end. I hope to see you all in the very near future. You’ve all been so wonderful.


Everyone, I have something huge going on.


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This weekend I’m out of town. My sisters are graduating from college up in Northern California. This sucks. All day today and yesterday I was trapped in car with my horrifyingly annoying parents. 9 fucking hours of folk music. 9….

Thank you Jesus this crappy hotel room has free wifi. The hilton we stayed at didn’t. That’s bullshit.

I have paras to respond to on my characters, so I’ll try to do that tonight when I can get my parents off of my back. For now, my sister Nikki is saving me. She found some old swing in the forest that we’re going to go check out. So I’ll be on tonight, unless of course I’m eaten by bears or murdered by pot heads. Stay active, I love you all.


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Open | Kyle Stone | Living OC

FC: Josh Hutcherson

Meet sweet and sensitive Kyle. He’s new to LA and starting his senior year at Westfield High. He’s a gentleman, born and raised in Kentucky by an old fashioned family. He grew up with four sisters, and he knows how to respect girl. The thing is, Kyle never really had any experience with them. Yes, he can make them all swoon with his smile, but he’s shy. Now in LA though, Kyle sees he has to step up his game. His goal is simple. Get laid. This should be easy with bad boy Braxton Smith as his mentor, right? Things may not happen as he expected though. Kyle finds many new distractions when he moves into the same neighborhood as the Murder House. That house is one big cock block.

Open | Xavier Knight | Ghost OC

FC: Milo Ventimiglia

Born in 1907, Xavier was at his prime in 1934. He was a young man living the easy life thanks to his parents wealth. Xavier had everything at his fingertips, riches and women surrounded him. The lap of luxury was all he’d ever known. Things went sour for him though. Xavier got on the bad side of LA’s most powerful Mafia. He had become careless with his money, throwing it away on disposable things. By the time he realized he was broke, he’d just moved into the beautiful Murder House. This is where the Mafia came in. They loaned him thousands and Xavier couldn’t pay a cent back. In the year 1935, on his 28th birthday, Xavier was brutally murdered in his own home because he couldn’t pay the debt. The police only found his head. Xavier is a strong man. He is used to getting what he wants, and when he doesn’t he’ll use force. He seems as if he has no emotions. He doesn’t care for others, and seeing them suffer doesn’t bother him one bit. He’s rude and has been deemed an asshole by most of the house. But there has to be something good inside Xavier… Right?